Our Services

  • Lifting Inspection service

    Halifax International FZE carries out Lifting Equipment Inspection in accordance with industry standards ..

  • Tubular Inspection service

    Halifax offers API-approved inspection services for drill collars, drillpipe, Hevi-Wate transition ..

  • Measuring While Drilling

    Halifax utilizes measurement-while-drilling surveying to determine the well path, position ..

  • Welding Service

    Halifax provide high quality fabrication solutions specially in providing fabricated steel & pipe work .,

  • Down Hole Tools Rental

    Halifax provides a comprehensive range of drilling products and services including BHA component ..

  • Stablizer Services

    Halifax offers wide range of drill stabelzier services including redressing, build-up and grinding ..

  • Gyro

    The Gyro Shot® uses a multi-gyroscope module to monitor the rotation of the instrument through  ..

  • More Soon

    Halifax is seeking to offer high quality services beside the offered services in the near future ..